The beauty of boys

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ImageThe girls dont really get why youre being so quiet about all this. You dont want to talk with themIll be quiet and go into my trailer. Then you can worry about your situation later. The girls look a bit insulted by your attitude, but they relent and go with you out of pity. You think, You find that the girls who were with you yesterday seem to have disappeared. However, the other girls who were chatting on the internet with you are still here. By the time you enter your trailer, the other girls who were talking about the beauty of boys are no longer here. But you dont care since you can find other people to talk to, You enter your trailer and close the door. You think, So did you see your friends. A pretty young lady in a short skirt asks while she is sitting on a couch in front of you. Well, thats a shame, since they were really fun to talk to. Why were they so fun to talk to. You say They were really sweet. You really liked talking with them, and I can really sympathize with that. You say I dont know anything about them. Im sorry, I didnt realize you didnt know anything about them. If you really dont know anything, maybe you shouldnt be so critical of them. Maybe they were the opposite of you in some way. The pretty lady looks a bit shocked by your statement. Well, how about I tell you a little more about them. Well, I mean, Ill tell you everything I know, and you can decide if I should tell you some more. Well, I mean I was told that he really likes to draw comics.

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