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The sun was bright behind the sky as you were in your bed as you were about to sleep. Then, as you tried to fall asleep, You suddenly got a feeling of extreme dread. As you stood in the dark hallway, You quickly thought to yourself. You instantly bolted out to the front part of your house where you saw a military vehicle from the main road. You ran towards the car on footYou rushed towards the car and jumped inside. You quickly got out and saw a man dressed in uniform standing in front of the vehicle. He suddenly pulled out his gun and shot you with a single shot in the stomach and then fired back as you started falling. You then fell and turned to the side and you felt the pain for the last time. The man then raised his gun and fired one last time into your chest. You got out and saw several other trucks. You ran and jumped on a car and jumped into it as you tried to escape from the battlefield. You jumped out of the car that you jumped into and ran down the street. The bullets were still flying so you threw away a small box you were carrying and went into a convenience store. After grabbing several bottles of water you drank as much as you could and started thinking how you were going to be able to survive in a world that was turning into a hell. Unfortunately, your plan wasnt enough and you were shot in the legs and fell. You immediately ran towards your house and found out that you were shot in the side and went to the corner of your house and collapsed on the floor. You found out that the other soldiers and the helicopters were waiting for you. You were sent to a makeshift hospital in the town of Seongmu-gun where you were treated as a combat wound. You woke up in the hospital and thought that you would never be able to walk again. After a few days, you were able to walk again and was given a prosthetic leg. You were also taken to a rehabilitation center and your leg was replaced with a metal one. After a couple of years, your leg had deteriorated considerably. It was replaced many many times, but the prosthetic was always the weak point in your leg. However, in the meantime, your leg had been replaced several times, but it was never the same.

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