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Day ago Oh, and the guy who starred in The Face Doctor is in that one. I wonder why he didnt get the lead. No, actually I havent noticed and I dont know anyone who has. I think the resemblance of being the same person is more than just having similar names, so it probably isnt related. I also havent noticed any resemblance between the movie posters and his face, so I think its a completely different actor. This is kind of hard to tell, but I think I understand what you mean. Okay, can you tell me more. You agreeNo worries, it seems that Im not too weird-looking either. But this could be a movie that is creepy if my brother is in it. You agreeWell, maybe it is creepy if my brother is in it, because this is a movie about a serial killer and he has this character named Doctor Oh yeah, I know. The guy is probably doing a bad impersonation of my brother. Richard Chasen, and hes the director of a film about a serial killer. Oh, and here is the trailer: You agreeWow, its one of the creepiest movies ever. Thats the director of this movie and my brother, yes. I mean, I dont really have any preference for horror movies to dramas, because both of them are kind of scary with really good script. I guess I would rather watch a drama with my brother, or a comedy. Okay, could you make some more comparisons between the poster and my brother. You agreeYoure doing good so far. Well, the main character is definitely the same as my brother.

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