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MALCOLM: I would like to buy the rest of the products in my pack, but you wont sell anything else. This has the effect of raising your ego, because you get to think youre doing something even more clever. Ethan grabs his bag and takes out a few products. You grab your own bag and grab them all. Youre not clever enough to figure out the game. You walk away and head back towards the store. Once again, Ethan is the first to catch up to you. You decide that even if you were successful, youd still spend the rest of the day on your feet, unable to get enough sleep or eat. You spend the rest of the night with nothing to do, other than think about your failure. You head home and start the process of planning your return, a trip to the mall later that night. As the days pass, you feel less and less motivated. What the hell, you thought thats what you wanted, was to get out of the house and do something. Whats your life really worth to you. In your minds eye, you still see yourself in the kitchen of the house, mashing something in a pot, sipping from a mason jar, and staring at your watch. When your friend George comes in to pick you up, youre feeling extremely down. You try to think of one thing to buy, but youre no good at that. George tries to cheer you up by telling you about how the mall has tons of shit you dont even want, you just need to hunt around for it. You cant believe youre even listening to him. Oh come on, you want to go that way so bad. Yeah and I just dont feel like fucking around anymore, Im going to get my shit done and get out of here. Well, you better get going, we have to leave before this place closes. No, Ive got shit to do, Im not going to waste my time with this mall. But the things are for sale all over the place.

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