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They are wonderful of each other after all. Episode, epilogues and You start to talk to them about what happened in the gameYou ask about what happened in the game. I thought you and Greg were gonna kill each other. But I guess you just couldnt go through with it. He tried to shoot me with his gun, but he didnt kill me. I was really sorry, but I couldnt let him win. I had to go out that way, for the good of our team. You tell them about your actionsHey, that guy was a monster of a human being. He was the only one who never helped you out when you were depressed. I know you really cared about everyone on your team, so I was really worried that he would try to murder you all. He tried to do that a couple times, but that was before I became a witch. I think we can be friends, even if we shouldnt be. We dont talk too much about myself and other witches because I want you to listen to me and Greg. I think I can become one real quick. Ill probably die in the process, but who cares. Who cares about my life, or your mothers life, or anybodys life. You dont have to aim, but I dont want you to miss, okay. You open your mouth just in time the bullet hits Greg and he falls on the floor in pain. You immediately move your head and give the same order to Gregs corpse while you turn away. Hey, Im not going to make fun of you, you know.

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