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The paper said that the two had been mutually aware for some time. Moore has previously expressed his admiration of The Satanic Verses and threatened to kill anyone who offends himThe Associated Press reports Moore was charged with misdemeanor assault. In the interview with the Post, Moore said he believes it was a distraction and said it was a hate crime. 8, Moore told a local TV station he believed the same thing:I dont know. I guess maybe she was just upset that I had written that she was ugly in a book that was published. Moore has not provided evidence to back up his claim about the alleged hate crime, but he claimed he would release the evidence to the Sun during their interview. When the Post contacted him, he declined to comment further, telling the press that anyone who would try to question his story about the hate crime is simply biased. We all know that the Earth is getting hotter, but we have no way of knowing just how much warmer the planet might actually become, and it turns out there is a major problem: its very difficult to get accurate data on it. Thats the conclusion of a new paper, PDF, co-authored by geophysicist William Ripple, who is also the author of the Earths Future in Our Hands report that was just published by the National Research Council. Advertisement – Continue Reading BelowIn a previous study, we suggested that the Earths surface had cooled due to increased evaporation of excess moisture and less snowfall, causing the planet to be colder from 1979 to 1996, Ripple says. In our current study, we explore the possibility that this cooling of the past 30 years is not a temporary phenomenon, but represents a new long-term global trend which is now irreversible. Ripple and his co-author, geophysicist George Leshkevich, used a variety of data sets to try to get a better handle on past temperature changes and how they might factor into climate change. They determined that it is exceedingly difficult to accurately measure changes in the Earths climate, even if you have the benefit of sophisticated equipment. The best existing data set they used looks back 100 years, but it only includes temperatures measured at a few remote monitoring stations. These stations are located at mountain and ocean locations such as Mt. The researchers found that the surface of the Earth actually cooled from 1955 to 1985. At the most remote monitoring stations, that cooled to its lowest point during that time. This indicates that it isnt simply the result of a temporary cooling effect due to higher average temperatures at the stations.

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