The baker and the beauty

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Ita Rafael Fernandez, Ita Havas El Guerrillero, and Shalom Gabi Zuroff. The Baker and The Beauty and Lehi Baker series has been aired in Israel three times. And if you like the video, you can also Like Follow Share Post it in social media. Its not the post office and theres nothing on the front of it. You cant even see the back of it and you dont even remember the name of the bank, so you have no idea. You mail it to that banks officeYou try to remember the name of the bank and find that you didnt even know the name. You mail the envelope, with a little note saying the following:After checking the address, you find that its in the middle of nowhere, with a few houses and a church. You realize that you might have sent the envelope to the wrong place. You mail it again, this time figuring it out. You think about the envelope when you get off work. You try to think of what you would say and what you would do if the mailman delivered it. You mail it to the right placeYou get off the bus and walk to the post office. You try to remember the combination, but its probably on the back of the envelope. You open up that envelope and find that its addressed to the post office in New Jersey. A little more searching and you find that its a postcard. The only thing it says is: The only thing you can do is mail it back to me. You dont exactly know how to send the parcel back to the mailbox. You cant see how you could post a letter in your current condition, let alone a postcard. Youll see if a local postman knows how to send one. And thats how you ended up with the postcard of the postman. You mail it to himYou think youll try mail it to the postmaster. You dont think it would take long for him to receive it and hell surely open it. The postman on the other hand is a little out of your area and you might have to leave your.

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