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And your duty is to prove it by gathering every bit of useful information you can on the other two races. While you are able to track the remaining members of the A-group, Han, has been tracking the rest of the group and has reported their exact location for the past few days. He says to you and you begin to follow the group as he directs you along their path from the city centre. Ve known the location of their previous positions for a week now. Re going to do that without Han noticing. The A-group and the C-group are slowly moving closer to each other and the C-group have even stopped constructing their traps. A few of the A-group have already discovered this and are trying to get Han and the two other A-group members to help them capture you. Re also going to need to be very careful in this situation, since no A-group member can possibly follow everything you do. S a lot worse than any possible punishment from them. T see any reason to punish you if you do so voluntarily in the future.

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