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Youre standing at the bottom of a dark staircase, and youre a little lost. T a staircase, only a dark and winding path through one of the lower floors. You lean against a nearby wall and rest your head on your hand, which is propped up against the wall. Re trying to stay alert and keep your mind from wandering to other worries when darkness takes you. The sound of distant music fills your ear, and as you start to walk towards the sound, you briefly take a peek out the corner of your eye to see who is playing. A voice says behind you from behind a large sheet of glass. Re very familiar with walking towards you from behind the glass, which gives him more visibility than if he were standing directly in front of you. His long raven hair is slightly disheveled, and his eyes are red and puffy. You blink several times, then speak. I heard you and your sister were killing people in the park. Ve told your imaginary friend to help you. There are a few people in the room with you, sitting at various tables and desks. M asking a very important question, Suzy.

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