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H4You head to your bedroom, and immediately start searching through your collection of clothes. You just want her head on a silver platter. You walk around the house, as youre unsure of where exactly you should go. The only thing you can think of to do is the obvious, but youre worried about where the hell youd find the money to afford it, a million dollars is a lot to ask for just to get a blowjob in a movie, especially if you plan on using it on something illegal like buy a yacht. Still, you dont really know where else to look, it just seems obvious that youd find something in that office of hers. You wait outsideAfter searching the whole house and looking at every nook and cranny, you cant find a place where she would have access to the office where the money would be. You decide against it and head back outside to wait. You hear someone approaching so you hurry back in and head up to your room. You go and find your mom right away and ask what the matter is. Oh its just you, always asking questions. Your mom replies and touches your hand. Just dont do anything you get caught. Just dont do anything you get caught and dont tell anyone. Your mom looks at you a little worriedly. Im going to kill myself if I get in trouble for anything. Your mom looks a little concerned by your comment and hugs you. You hug back and say youll be fine. You start to say before your mom places your arms around her and kisses her on the forehead, which you return. You make your way to the stairs leading to your room, which are now slightly a bit damp from your tears. You open your door, which is now a bit wider than it used to be.

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