Thats what many moviegoers are saying after seeing Disneys latest live-action remake, …

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The movie is already available in Malaysia and that scene is pretty gay, as you should know by now but the movie was released in Malaysia a long time ago, and the production company was then owned by Disney, so theyre not making the editing changes anymore. Disney beauty and the beast is still available in Malaysia with all the same content, and the filmmakers are still trying to get the censorship changes approved, but thats a long process and a lot of political pressure, even if not real so Disney beauty and the beast no longer can show the gay, or whatever other scenes they want to show and Disney department will then not be able to hire any more Malaysian staff. The only reason Disney department doesnt want to show the scenes is because the movie contains Disney characters kissing, and thats not even including the part where Ariel is singing about her feelings and there is a whole big gay sub-text in the movie so far that is not really appropriate for kids, let alone kids under 10. You tell all those Disney employees youre not going to pay Disney anymore for their movies. This is the final straw for your Disney departments, and its now become too expensive for them. As a last ditch effort, you call a meeting of all the Disney employees to let them know what you really think of them. Some of them are a bit surprised by your actions, but others are a bit too used to being bullied by you, so you convince them that you just want to do something for the good of the company and that its too expensive to allow Disney to continue to bully them. Besides, if you did have a problem with Disney, you know where to find them and you can tell them to fuck off if you really want to see them get their asses kicked. Unfortunately, Disney doesnt stop being so fucking big and too influential that they cant be bullied anymore, and they call their friends at the other entertainment companies to join in the fight against you, so you call a meeting of the public to hear their views. That meeting of the public is the most successful meeting youve had. The public is actually happy to hear something that will help the situation, because theyve basically all been wondering if the situation is ever going to change between you and Disney. You tell them that you wont be bullied anymore, and if they dont like it, they can all get lost. This causes a small upset in Disney, but they dont take this well, and they call for a meeting with you anyway. You think that maybe you didnt say what you wanted to in the meeting last time. You arrive to the party and make up that you made up a list of Disneys bullshit and called a meeting with them to tell them that.

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