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Hannah Arendt, Reflecting on Tolerance, 1958, The phrase tolerance is one of those words that we have come to take for granted, to which we have given a superficial and arbitrary meaning. It is usually used to connote some state of mind, some attitude that we have accepted without question as the norm. The history of the word is a history of struggle for social justice, as it has been used to describe the struggle not just against prejudice but against intolerance and prejudice of any kind. As a result, what it means has changed over time and has become less clear and more controversial. The roots of the word tolerance are to be found in the Latin word titulus, which meant a kind of cup or vessel used for holding liquid or wine. The first example of the term being used as a political term came in 1835 when the French philosopher, Henri de Saint Exupry, wrote, Titulus is the name I gave to the principle of equality at which we all stand in relation to each other, since no man is better than another and no man is worse than another, and since, therefore, every man is called upon to behave toward his fellow men in an equitable and just manner. In the same year, the French historian, Emile Durkheim, wrote an ethnography of a community in central France called La Societe des Nouveaux-Bouviers, the Society of the Natives in which he described the titular system of rights in effect there. Exupry was writing in a more political context than Durkheim, but both are clear about the centrality and meaning of tolerance. In the nineteenth century, tolerance was an essential concept for the establishment of a modern idea of social justice. In the nineteenth century, the concept of tolerance was also a political term, representing the idea that the state should not interfere in the lives of individuals on the basis of their religious, cultural, racial or social beliefs. But by the turn of the twentieth century, the concept of tolerance had been redefined by the German sociologist, Max Weber, who described the concept as essentially a religious or political concept. Weber, along with other sociologists of his day had argued that tolerance was something that any group could claim, regardless of whether or not it was a proper social construct. The concept of tolerance had become important for those with political power in the late nineteenth century, not just because it served as an ideological weapon in the struggle for an egalitarian society in the West but also because it served a legitimate social purpose.

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