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You press your finger through your hair. You press your finger through your hair and slowly release it, smiling, and looking behind at where the other students have left, before returning to the desk you are still sitting on. You ask, as you hear the other students entering. Its a pretty busy place, you never know who might come in here, You reply, as you quickly stand up and begin to walk over to the front desk. Ummm, hey, I was just about to call the police about something. They really need to be on the look out for these sorts of crimes. Something like this, happening in a place like this, really shouldnt happen. The girl behind the desk says looking at you and the other girl who is walking over to you. Hey, dont worry about it, You quickly say back, before she looks at the girl who is currently seated behind the desk, at which point, she gets up and heads over to the two of you. Thinking about going to see Paul Blart in a few days, are you open on Mondays. Yeah, we dont usually take Mondays off, but yes, we do have a few showings throughout the week. Monday through Friday at noon, then we have a Tuesday evening happy hour until 10 pm, at which point its a drink only club until the next day. You do it on MondayOK then, Ill try to get the afternoon off and call you. You say, before taking your phone out and dialing your number. As you hang up the phone, you hear a voice suddenly come on the other end. I was calling to see if I could see Paul Blart tonight. Yeah, Im sure if you asked, hed be open. Hes got a Monday show at the time I mentioned, right. Im not exactly sure what time is it, but Im sure you can find it. I think the club is over in the next precinct block over. Hes got a lot of fans from his comedy show. You pause at this comment, before the voice suddenly says,Wait, who are.

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