Te, is a 2014 Franco-German romantic fantasy film based on the traditional fairy …

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LOGUnpacking the boxes, I finally have the most recent update for you: The trailer for Belle and the Beast is out. The film is very nice, I am going to go see it. You thought that the trailer would be out tomorrow. I cant believe you just let that slip through your fingers. Great, you didnt even do anything. I thought you needed to finish up this project. I thought we were working out some sort of deal. I mean, we could have this finished a long time ago. You never called me or texted when the trailer was supposed to debut. You say this like you actually want it. Well, look Im not going to make this a big deal, but could you at least give me the trailer. Its about time to get back to doing my own thing. Its not really that big of a deal, the most I can say is that if the trailer is out now, its because theres a deal done. You just let that slip through your fingers. Well, its true I did let it slip through my fingers. But Im very good at keeping secrets. Im glad it still came out like it did. What youre trying to say is that I shouldnt have fired you, right. You say FineI knew youd say that. Good luck with whatever it is you want to do. You open the message againNo point in not doing it. It seemed like she had a thing for you even when we.

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