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Chapter 3: The Cosmic Cosmonaut:Its been a long time since you can remember, so theres no way you could have a clue about what it was like to be alive. This is kind of crazy because you remember quite a bit. The first thing you remember is you were still alive. After all, you were born in a crater and by the time you were born the rest of the world had just pretty much completely ceased to be. You remember, though, as your life passed by, you didnt have a lot to look forward to. Your home world, known as NGC 2383, was destroyed long ago by a cataclysmic nuclear detonation. Your planets surface was pretty much covered up, save for a few scattered mountains that remained as you grew up, but it was a barren wasteland. Your small space shuttle was a one-way trip. You were sent into the void with the intent of exploring the new galaxy. What you found mightve been a good thing or a bad thing at the time. What you did know is that when you eventually arrived at the other world you thought you were on, your shuttle was attacked by an army of a hostile species. It wasnt very long before you fell victim to the aliens. As you lay on the ground surrounded by the dead and dying, you stared at a small light that was shining in the distance. You were found not long after by a little girl who you had the misfortune of meeting. She wasnt very helpful because she was too scared of the creature that was staring at her. You were taken back to your home world by the aliens, and then you were sent back to your new home world by the aliens. After a few years as a space tourist you saw the stars for the first time and were very confused as you saw what appeared to be a spiral galaxy. From the way the aliens used you, they thought you were a very important person, because they told you that you were on the very top of their very important list. You were told that you were on the very top of their very important list. As the years passed by, you spent time with your mother, who had died after you were born. The woman you were with at the time was also a space tourist. She was from a very primitive type of human race, who came up with the idea of flying vehicles and had no.

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