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This isnt a business venture that can succeed for you alone, you cant manage this entire operation. Youre going to have to hire other people to help you because, even though youve worked hard before, youre not the best at this, and you know you wont be in 5 years at best. Maybe in 20 after you get your life and financials together. If you cant do this, who can you do it. You need to get the word out, get more suppliers, get more people to work for you. The beauty industry is going to be a big and thriving one, but you need to take it over. The problem with that is the business isnt for you, and it isnt your business. You need to get it under control and stay out of the way of now-younger artists and do something else. You need a hobby and you need to try your hand at it, get some experience and you can do it. You have the money and you have a lot of it, but is it really the best idea for you. You keep buying the cheap stuffYou need to keep buying the regular stuff to make your business grow, you have to keep yourself in the game. It seems cheaper and youre not getting anywhere with this, you need to buy cheaper products that will bring in more, you dont need to spend time researching different brands, it will take you a little longer to make money, but it will be worth it. You have to keep giving the masses what they want. You will make a profit even though they hate your guts when they get home, but you cant stop now. You buy cheap t-shirts that say Free Your Mind, Give yourself a nice big hugYou buy an incredibly cheap perfume youve never seen, a bottle that even wont open.

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