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Check out the review of the October 2017 Cooler Temps Target Beauty Box. CheckThis content is not affiliated with TargetA report released by the U. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform suggests that the Justice Department has been secretly investigating the nonprofit group OneVoice, which uses cellphone campaigns to sway public opinion on political issues. The report, which was shared with The New American this week, is based principally on the testimony of Stephen Spoonamore, a former U. Attorney with the Southern District of New York who now works as a defense attorney in New York. According to Spoonamores testimony and transcripts posted by the Committee, the investigation is being run out of federal and state law enforcement offices from Georgia to Massachusetts. Attorneys Offices in Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas and the U. Attorney in Massachusetts are all investigating OneVoice because of the groups campaign to help build an international coalition of voters in support of the legalization of marijuana worldwide. Com, the OneVoice organization seeks to use its crowdsourced, non-traditional, data-driven approach of collecting and analyzing public opinion data to shape public policy. OneVoices activities in the United Kingdom have already resulted in a number of arrests and prosecutions under the countrys drug laws. The group is also being investigated by police in the United States for possible violations of U. The involvement of both the Justice Department and its own police in such efforts is of particular interest given the DOJs role as both prosecutor and judge. If this is an investigation into the activities of an existing organization, then it goes beyond the scope of why one could bring a criminal complaint against an organization, said Adam Andrzejewski, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, a nonprofit organization that advocates for free speech and privacy rights. Andrzejewski added that the involvement of the Justice Department could well be illegal because the Department of Justice is required to investigate the activities of non-profit groups before they can be prosecuted, and that the Justice Department has never prosecuted a non-profit organization. We dont know who is conducting this investigation, Andrzejewski said. We dont know why they are conducting this investigation. We dont know if they ever will determine that the organization in question is operating without a valid tax-exempt 501, c 3, tax exemption. The House Committee report also notes that multiple U. Attorneys Offices are currently investigating the group, though it was not clear how many prosecutors were involved.

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