Tanya Bardsleys husband Phil put her in jail after breakdown: No phone and I quit RHOC

Tanya Bardsley has revealed her husband, Phil, put her in "jail" after she suffered a seizure due to medication she was taking for her ADHD.

The 41 year old has opened up on her difficulties in an exclusive interview with OK! and discussed how her 37 year old former footballer husband has helped her cope with the aftermath.

Former Real Housewives of Cheshire star Tanya said: "My husband put me in what I call Tanya jail. I wasn’t allowed on my phone – he would hide it.

"He was like, ‘You’ve got to stop doing so much.’ And I got rid of my shop and then left Housewives and now I just do things when I feel good, because I can get overwhelmed."

She continued: "It’s like an inner restlessness, a constant inner battle. It’s not picked up on because women living with ADHD aren’t causing anyone any trouble.

"In schools they’re not loud and they’re not hyper. I am hyper, but I’m not disruptive, so I didn’t get picked up. That’s why women more often go undiagnosed."

Continuing to discuss the symptoms she has experienced due to her ADHD, Tanya said: "Part of ADHD is that you can feel really low while in a state of restlessness, which looks like anxiety.

"Your mind goes a million miles an hour, you can hyper focus on negative stuff that you can’t see a way out of."

She added: "In the past, when you went to the doctors and told them your symptoms, they didn’t always pick up on what was causing it because they weren’t so aware.

"It’s only now that a GP might say, 'Oh, it could be this.'," she says.

Tanya bravely opened up about the seizure and heart palpitations that she suffered as an effect of her ADHD medication last November.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: "I have tried 3 different medications for adhd and I stopped taking the 3rd ones after I had heart palpitations and a seizure, so I’ve been back fully adhd and my focus and been terrible these past few weeks and I read on a forum the other night that a lady just takes a ADHD tablet on the day she has to be focused to get work done so I thought 'Ooh this could be perfect for me'.

"I took 1 40mg atomoxetine tablet last night (the tablets I originally started on that didn’t give me heart palpitations) I felt sick all night and been bed bound all bloody day I slept nearly all day and feel like I’m trapped in concrete.

"I’m going to throw myself in a cold shower to try wake up for the kids now but just wanted to warn you don’t be an idiot like me and take advice from the internet, also guess how much work I got done today, zilch," she finished.

Tanya has launched her new fragrance, Chien, with Search Dog Heroes, which is run in partnership by Missing People and Lowland Rescue. The campaign looks to encourage carers and families of vulnerable people to capture the scent of their loved one in the event of them going missing.


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