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You can also get some of these artists to create a look for you. The only one you have to worry about is Jules and she doesnt do custom looks, but a lot of his works do include spray tan, so dont say you werent warned. You get your own designer skin careFor the first time youre going to be providing for yourself and your own safety, so you need to get yourself a skin care line. You could also consider buying spray tans and other expensive skin care products if you really wanted to, and you should, youre going to need to, but youll save yourself the trouble of going to a place like the spray tan and getting a new tan each time you want one. The next best thing you can do is to ask other people for their recommendations, since you need to know whats worth buying. You dont know exactly whats out there, since its pretty difficult to find. Theres a ton of shit being sold as skin care, but theres nothing unique or new that you cant get for free somewhere, or cheaply and safely in a drug store. You could just buy a bottle of lotion or cream, which is pretty cheap and readily available, but youll be running the risk of the cream oxidizing and turning black, or you might get something from a drugstore that has chemicals and is dangerous. You call up the spray tan places and drugstores in your area, asking for recommendations. Your parents know to pick the drugstore closest to you, so you call up the one closest to your house, which youve never usedHello. Id like to get a spray tan, and Id like it on my legs and arms only. Ill be leaving in a few minutes, though I dont know if I need to change my underwear. You ask the salon for recommendationsYou tell the woman from the saloon what you want from her. You ask her personal questionsSo, can I get it on my shoulders, my bikini line, my back, or on any of my other places. Because Im really scared to use it on my legs or hands. Sorry, sir, but the spray tan is not approved for skin cancer prevention in the USA. I just did it in the mirror last night, it was fine. Im sorry sir, but the United States Food and Drug Administration doesnt allow this product to be approved for skin cancer prevention. This product is also not approved for people over the age of eighteen in the United States. I never read the warning on the tube, but I just know Im not going to get cancer, so I dont care. I just want to live forever, you know.

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