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The city is also where many a band has played and there are a few that have had their records released. One such band is the indie rock band youre currently listening to, The Kinks. You see that theyre playing a live one night at the Ritz-Carlton on Dale Mabry, but also that theyre not exactly local. Youre not quite sure how the rest of this concert should go, but you do know that you just dont feel right about the Kinks. After all, theyre local, so that sort of rules out most other local musicians who would fit in at this concert. You leave them beTheyre local, so youd think that theyd be playing something local. As it turns out, the Kinks are from the UK and theyre definitely NOT local in this music festival setting. In fact, you dont even know that these two Kinks are from the UK, you just assume that they must be as theyve got some sort of unusual accent. You dont like the way they act, the way they act in general. Youd probably behave in a similar manner if you were playing for some sort of audience of your peers. Plus, their music sucks, so that also rules out most other local bands that would fit in at this concert. After all, youre not getting a free concert or a free meal out of this, and youre also not part of that weird clique that has this music festival. As you walk away from the Kinks, a girl walks up to you:Oh no. She doesnt even make eye contact with you or say anything, she just continues to stare at you. Your brain screams at you to run, flee and find someone that cares. But, your hand doesnt make the move because you find yourself unable to do so. Youre going to do the right thing and remain in this moment. Im sorry, I didnt know who you were. All that comes out of your mouth are a couple of words. She says and then goes back to staring at you. You turn away from her and continue to walk away, you are about to give up before you realize you continue to do so. Youve been going in circles for the past five minutes without anything worthwhile happening. She just stares and you continue to walk away. You find yourself at the exit of the park, but it isnt the one that this girl was at.

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