Tamara Ecclestone offers to buy Christmas gifts for struggling families

Model Tamara Ecclestone ‘couldn’t stand’ the thought of kids going without for Christmas, so she is helping parents with their holiday shopping.

Tamara, the daughter of former Formula One Group chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, has an estimated net worth in the hundreds of millions.

The mum-of-two, 36, posted an Instagram story after clearing out three-month-old baby Serena’s clothes, offering them (along with a baby chair and some nappies) to anyone in need.

She also offered some hand-me-downs from her older daughter, Sophia, six. Both lots were quickly snapped up, which inspired Tamara to do some more giving.

She wrote: ‘The girls [sic] clothes have gone now. But I can’t stand the thought of anyone struggling over Christmas with gifts for their children.

‘Please send me your address and a gift you would like for your child that is on Amazon and I will have it delivered to you. Merry Christmas.’


Tamara, alongside businessman husband Jay Rutland, 39, and their girls, have been getting into the festive spirit these past few weeks.

While Covid-19 restrictions make it difficult to visit Lapland in Finland, it looks like the family had a blast on their annual trip to Lapland UK.

Sophia, nicknamed Fifi by her family, got to meet Santa, and it appears a wolf stuffy got to join her for the special experience.


It also looks like the fam took a trip to Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, where Fifi was able to glide with the help of a plastic penguin assistant.

The Christmas-loving clan also made sure Fifi posted a letter to Father Christmas, and even appeared to get a visit from a special Elf from The Shelf at home.

Fifi became a big sister in September and was immediately smitten with younger sibling Serena – who is mere months younger than her uncle, Ace, who was born in July.

Ace is the youngest child of Tamara’s dad, Bernie, 90, and his 44-year-old Brazilian wife Fabiana Flosi.

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