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Re sick and tired of being sick and tired. Re tired of doing the same job over and over and being tired about it. Re tired of doing the boring, routine, mundane shit. You just wish you could die. You dont Like LifeYou dont like life. You hate the dull routine, you hate the boredom, you hate the mundane, uneventful existence. T hate violence, but in your heart of hearts, you do. You feel like the world can be better, but you are too tired to try, too old to try and too tired to even try to find something new to do. T make the steps to the top with out a lot of pain and exhaustion. Re going to die, like everyone else has done before you and they all died just like you will. S going to go off and kill everyone. Ve woken up, you look around. You see a lot of weapons lying around, as well as a small table on which some sort of liquid is being poured. One of your bandaged hands lifts the syringe and looks at it. A man with long purple hair steps near you. T look like you are having any fun and you certainly seem to be in bad shape from what I can tell. Some of the people around you begin to raise their weapons.

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