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The people you work with are more in tune with yourYourYour name is no better than other peoples names; your name is just aname. T-Mobile US will begin throttling voice and data speeds to any customer who uses more than 200GB in a year. The changes will go into effect on March 25. We are taking action to manage our network resources, T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said in a blog post. So what happens to people who use more data than other T-Mobile customers do, but do not go over that limit. Those customers will see their data speeds reduced to a lower level until their next billing cycle after which time theyll be able to keep their speeds as high or higher than other customers speeds. The company says it expects this new policy, which was first reported by The Verge, to have minimal impact on T-Mobiles postpaid subscriber base. But the move comes at a strange time for T-Mobile as it continues to shift its resources into unlimited data plans and away from unlimited voice and text plans. T-Mobile just today reported a huge quarterly earnings loss after the rollout of unlimited data plans. It has also announced a number of new partnerships that offer additional data at discounted rates. Ts aggressive move into unlimited data with its sponsored data offerings. This week we continue our series of interviews from our Comic-Con coverage. Our next is Matt Kindt, author of the acclaimed run on SUPERMAN. This interview was conducted on Friday, July 12, at Comic-Con International, and is the final installment of our interview series. Comic Vine: Before we begin, could I talk a bit about how I got to meet you. Matt Kindt: The first time I came to San Diego Comic-Con, I was so excited to meet you at the booth that I almost ran over my own mom. Kindt: She was so busy with her son that I was able to get in early to buy a comic I had placed in the wrong section. Kindt: Im sure she was thrilled when she saw me. I also managed to get you a free autograph when we were talking. You know, there are few things that really make a man feel special. A free autograph from a comic book writer is high on that list. Vine: Oh wow, that makes me feel very special. Kindt: Im glad you feel that way.

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