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COMOpus Daily Dose Review:A lot can be said about Opus Daily Dose, but Im going to stick to reviewing the brush. This brush came in an oversized box with a brush handle on the top in the picture. Since the brush is oversized, Im going to use the largest pan I have of foundation to give us a full review on what is contained inside the box. The Opus Daily Dose brush itself is a medium size. The head is a bit too big for my face so Im not sure if Ill like the brush, however I do like the brand. Opus is known for their brushes and their brushes are among the most expensive in the world. Im not sure how they can make their brushes so expensive. I wouldnt expect a normal person to be able to afford their brushes, but then I dont know what they would be spending their money on. From the way the brush is made, it seems very high quality. The handle is made from a thick plastic with an elastic band to hold it. The handle feels very sturdy and sturdy material is wrapped in the handle. The handles elastic band is made to keep the handle from sliding around on the pan. I could be wrong about the grip of the brush, but I dont feel the brush is going to slip off my hand. The Opus Daily Dose is also fairly soft. As I mentioned the head is too big for my face, but it doesnt feel too hot to use. Its not too hot that youd be scared to touch it to your face, but its not as soft as Id like my brushes to be. The Opus Daily Dose will give you medium coverage. You can do some blending with it, but its really more meant to be a finishing product rather than a highlighter. The product gives a little bit of radiance to your skin and your concealer. My face looks very radiant after about 2 hours. Opus Daily Dose is sold in a tube that is the size of a shot glass. If you purchase a mirror, you can do all of the steps to review your brush in the box that you brought and then review your brush in the tube as well. 35, Opus Daily Dose is an expensive brush, but after reading the ingredients its made out of the same ingredients as the Nivea line of face and.

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