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Wah wah wah waah waah waaah. You might be able to get that back by working somewhere else for a few days. Ll see about you getting your money back. You leave Fatty and head back to the Saloon. The Saloon is pretty empty and as usual you see that Helen and Brenda are here having their regular conversation with each other. Re doing talking like this, when you hear shouting and screaming coming from outside. You see Fatty running to the back door with a shotgun in hand. You then see another figure run the other way. I dunno, but who is he going to have to kill then. Ve been training a lot in your martial arts. You manage to get the door open just in time and see some hooded figure running towards the back of the Saloon. I know you, I saw you last night. You hear one of them say and then a couple of shots ring out.

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