Sydney Sweeney Doesn't Need to 'Pump [Herself] up' for Nude Scenes

Sydney Sweeney attacks her career with a ton of preparation. Before she auditions for a project, she does a ton of research about others involved in the film, podcast, or TV show. This helps her to get a clear understanding of the tone of the project. And the preparation only continues after the Washington native books a role. But how does Sweeney prepare for more intimate scenes like her nude scenes in Euphoria?

Sydney Sweeney does a ton of preparation for all of her movies and TV shows

Years ago, Sweeney received some advice from a mentor that would change the way she approached her work. She was encouraged to find a way to separate herself from the characters that she portrays. To do this, The White Lotus star began building books for each of her characters. These books serve as detailed accounts of her character’s entire life.

“It’s these character books that are an interactive timeline journal or diary of their entire lives, from the day that they’re born to the first page of the script,” Sweeney explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “With TV shows I’ll usually add in more and more every episode as we learn more and more about the character, and I built her entire world: every house she’s ever lived in, every neighborhood she might have walked, friends you’ve never met on the TV show but have made her who she is today.”

Why the MMA fighter doesn’t need to psych herself up for her nude scenes in ‘Euphoria’

Because Sweeney puts so much preparation into her characters, she’s able to jump in and out of their skin with ease. As soon as the camera stops rolling, she’s right back to being “Syd”. In fact, even when she’s filming more vulnerable moments, like nude scenes, she doesn’t have to give things a second thought. In an interview with Glamour, she revealed that she doesn’t do anything special to prepare for said intimate scenes.

“I don’t even think about it, because it’s my character that’s going for it and not me, per se,” Sweeney shared about Euphoria’s nude scenes. “For me, it’s easier and healthier for me to be able to just disconnect Sydney and I’m full Cassie in those moments. There’s no real preparation to like pump myself up or psych myself out for those kind of scenes.”

Sweeney keeps herself completley separate from her many characters

This isn’t the first time that Sweeney has spoken about completley divorcing herself from her character and their decisions. Thanks to the Internet, The Players Table producer has been confronted with screengrabs from one of her nude scenes a time or twenty. However, she has boundaries in place to handle said screengrabs, which she explained to Teen Vogue.

“The easiest way that I’ve handled and separated myself from it is — and not everyone is going to agree — I’ve made it where when I see that picture, that is not me,” Sweeney explained. “That is Cassie. Or that is Pippa. You’re getting to see character, and me, as Sydney, is very separate. When I see a picture like that, I truly say, that’s Cassie’s nude, or that’s Pippa’s nude.”

Clearly, Sweeney’s penchant for preparation and separation is working for her. She’s got plenty of projects in the works, so we’re sure fans are itching to see which of Sweeney’s characters they get to meet next.

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