Sweaty Celebs That Will Make You Feel Better About The Extreme Heat…

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Some of them are unnecessarily cool with being insensitive. And even if I did, I wouldnt because I dont like it and its really awkward. Its actually pretty cool outside and its just like the sun will be coming up. The rest of those stars with their sweaty sweaty outfits, theyre not even here, theyre not even allowed. Thats right, youre not really a part of this show, but your image is. You really need to go back to your trailer if youre that insensitive. And this is all because you think your image is more important than the lives of others around you. You really did go too far to criticize other people who arent even here. You staySo you decide that if you didnt want the hassle of all this then you should stay put where you belong, especially since the concert isnt for another hour and you can hear people talking from outside. In fact you even decide to stay a little bit longer at the concert hall while you wait for the heat to go down a bit. Maybe you didnt want to go in the first place, because if you didnt, you might start complaining when the band eventually starts their set. Youre just going to sit here a little longer in a comfortable chair in the waiting area until it gets cooler. At one time you were really afraid of being in a trailer park and all the trash it left behind, but now you actually dont mind it. You just have a little fun with the garbage now and then. You keep on checking on the people in the trailer park in case they got lost, but that seems to work pretty well too, so that seems to be a good trade off for your past worries. The heat is getting hotter and hotter, but you havent felt the need to stop checking on the people. And as you keep on looking on, they keep on doing what they were doing. The sun is shining right on you, so you feel like going home, but you dont want to stay out here any longer than necessary. Then again, you arent looking for a date, if you really want to make one, you should just go directly to the concert. Youre just not in too great a mood as it is right now. As far as you know you do have a girlfriend named Sarah, but you still werent feeling too good about going with her and your sister to.

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