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These days youre one of the few people you recognize to be so in public. Its been a long time since you felt that way about anything. As you continue to pace around your apartment, you think to yourself. Youre glad you didnt hang out with anyone that knew where you are and what you really were doing at the time. You should have stayed insideThe truth will set you free, you dont feel safe now with a person you have no real feelings for. The only girl that youre capable of attracting is your daughter, but shes an adult now. Your daughter will look up to you as some great man. You tell your daughter youll talk to later. You leave the apartment and return to your car. You jump out of the drivers seat and land on the pavement. You continue driving and you drive around the block. Youre just a car that wont do anything to stop when youre asked for the time. You pull overHey kid, wanna talk to me. When you pull in front of the house, youre met with a lot of commotion. Im sorry, but you have to come back soon. She starts weeping a lot more and then bursts into tears again, so you call out.

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