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A year has passed since you and your gang formed your gang and have established the gangs presence in the area, with your business is doing fairly well and you have more than enough to keep you and your gang busy for the rest of the year. You have also received word that your neighbor is planning to build a better defense to the south, which will be even tougher. In the meantime, you are still trying to help your friend, but your help isnt really getting him free help or good deals. No, it seems the local politicians are putting more pressure on local merchants to do business with this gang of kids. He says he doesnt have anywhere to go, not to mention his car isnt in as good condition as yours or the rest of your gangs so you want to help him more than you want to go back to bed. The politician has his own gang behind him, which is called the Redneck Militia, which will probably help him if he needs it. Also has his own gang of boys on the side who want to be as tough as possible. They are the Wear White gang, which is a reference to the white power gang. His other gang members are the Tall Dark, a gang dedicated to his music and his music only. This is a reference to metal music and the fact you know the Tall Dark are going to be playing your song Harder to Breathe later tonight. You make an alliance with the Redneck MilitiaBecause all you are trying to do is help your friend, you decide to give him a chance of getting rid of his rival by forming an alliance with them. You tell them that you are going to be working with your friends the Tall Dark band and that the Tall Dark will be working with you as well. You guys are going to be working with me too. You try to explain that it isnt just you who are getting to do a lot of the work, but they dont believe you. What can that kid in my trucks help do. He doesnt have any weapons or drugs or anything. Well let him fuck over our guy too. You decide to tell him things he doesnt want to hearNo man, you have to trust me. I have made this plan, I have all the information on who is going to be there. I know where the Tall Dark are all going to be and who they are all going to be with.

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