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You exit the store and proceed to walk along the busy, well lit streets of Little Rock as you contemplate your life choices. You realize that the world will not be turning to darkness until you leave your dark past behind and become a perfect flower of love. If you stay there, you will be lost forever to the darkness. The world will never be the loving and caring place that it could be. And so you turn back into the sun and go back into the world. You continueAs the sun once again burns the darkness away, with the hope of returning to your former glory, you continue to walk down the street. You walk along the sidewalk in front of your house, enjoying the feeling of your long, brown hair as it gently caresses your face. You do not feel good enough. You are never going to feel good enough. You enter an overpriced department store and begin to browse, looking for something you think will fit your needs. You look at all the different kinds of clothing, each one more expensive than the last. You realize that you are too excited to really examine any of the clothing in detail, and end up just looking down at your feet and staring at your reflection in the dressing room mirrors. You enter the dressing room and notice that there are no mirrors, just large mirrors mounted on the wall behind the dressing table. You look at your reflection in the mirrored ceiling fixture, trying to decide if you really look pretty enough.

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