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Im glad were on the same page, I was worried we were going to be divided later. Mila turns around to walk back to your room. Do you have anything else that would interest me. Actually now that you mention it I do have quite a few, but theyre really nothing new. I thought you might have something to listen to though so I prepared something for you. You walk over to your bedroom and take out the cassette and play it for Mila. Its a bit rough, but she doesnt seem to mind. I actually had it ready when I came in here; it doesnt have as much space on there as Id like but its all youre going to get. I guess this has been a wonderful way for us to spend our time together. Im glad we got to see so many different places. Yeah, I know it must be frustrating leaving behind our homes in Zaim. I mean, not everyones like you or my sister. Well, it was nice seeing you as well, especially with you being someone Im close to. Im glad we were able to be together even if it was for a little while. I suppose we could still go back to our respective homes to visit. I think Id rather stay here, and well see where it leads to. Milas response seems to be a bit more hopeful. Okay, were getting off topic now. Youre going to be a lot more busy in the future, I cant let you be by yourself. Mila smiles at you and holds your hand a bit tighter. Id probably miss out on things if I stayed by myself, so Im going to be hanging out with you all the time. After saying those few words Mila begins to walk away to go find something to do. You shout as shes walking by you, We can have some fun together when were back at home. Do you want to paint a scene together.

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