Super Bowl Halftime Rehearsals Masked by Rock Music Outside SoFi Stadium

The Super Bowl halftime show is being protected at all costs … with organizers blaring rock music outside SoFi Stadium during rehearsals to keep the highly-anticipated performance under wraps.

Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Eminem have been perfecting their 12-minute set with the big game just days away … and TMZ Sports has learned anyone within earshot isn’t hearing any of it, thanks to a pretty clever plan.

We’re told the stadium has been playing music like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bon Jovi over the speakers to cover up the actual tunes that will be performed on Sunday … in hopes of keeping everything top secret.

Of course, there are several residential neighborhoods right outside SoFi … and if it weren’t for the decoy music, there’s a great chance some secrets would start to leak.

One downside — we’re told some folks living close to the stadium aren’t too pleased with hearing “Livin’ On A Prayer” while tucking their kids into bed … as the rehearsals have been going on late into the night.

Fans have been hoping for even the smallest of tidbits about the show … but it sure seems tougher than ever to get anything before the show.

There is one thing we know about the performance — MJB has been teasing how epic it is … saying the whole set gave her goosebumps.

Sorry, prop bettors … sounds like you’ll have to leave it to chance.

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