Summer Walker Deletes Pics of Her Shaved Head Because She Got in Trouble for Posting Them

The ‘Still Over It’ artist, who debuted her new hairstyle earlier this month, also lets her critics know that she is not bothered by their ‘hateful comments’ about her look.

AceShowbizSummer Walker has explained the reason why she deleted photos of her shaved head. Insisting that it was not because of online trolls’ “hateful comments,” the “Still Over It” artist claimed she “got in trouble” for posting them.

The singer set the record straight via Instagram Story on Saturday, February 12. “People are so funny y’all really thought y’all hateful comments had an effect on me? I took my shaved style pic down from IG cause my religion doesn’t allow me to show my head,” she first elaborated.

“(I got in trouble) & I put my wig back on to finish a video shoot,” London on Da Track‘s baby mama went on noting. She then took a chance to lash out at critics by saying, “Y’all think to highly of yourselves. y’all weeak a** opinions matter to NO ONE, a lot of y’all have as much significance in the world as an ant in the dirt, no one even knows y’all are are alive lil I was FINE ASF.”

Summer debuted her shaved hairstyle on February 2. At that time, she let out some photos on Instagram that showed her shaving the majority of her hair off and leaving enough for a ponytail of braids. In the caption, she boasted, “legit wanted this hairstyle my whole life.”

However, instead of getting praise for her new look, many users poked fun at the 25-year-old musician. One person in particular likened her to Genie from “Aladdin”. Another individual, on the other hand, wondered, “now what the hell is this.”

“In Summer Walker’s case, I think we have to agree to separate the art from the artist,” a different user opined. Someone else then jokingly commented, “her and [Kanye West] got the same barber.” One other person commented, “i tried to hold in my laugh so bad.”

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