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Im actually not sure how interesting all of this is, but its a pretty interesting premise, if not something Id ever watch. Id rather just watch something that isnt so heavily based around the premise. I will watch something more comedic, though; I would like to see someone like the Fat Controller try to bring a kingdom to the edge of destruction than a battle between two kingdoms. You say, and think about your familys name again. I have to show them that Im not like those other princes. Youve been trying to think of something else to say since the first time you saw this Prince. Then it hit you, you could ask a question, and the Prince wouldnt have to answer one. Wait, then what would you like to ask me. Then, he says one word, as if his mind couldnt quite process the implications of what you wanted to ask him. You ask about your familyPrince, what do you think of your own family. Youre almost tempted to stop immediately, but you arent like your father in that youre not going to just ask something that obvious. Do you think your family are evil people. His features have already become stone, so the simple question causes you a great deal of anxiety. Theyre not monsters, theyre not beasts, theyre just people like any other, arent they. The Prince looks at you for several long moments. My father is a good man, a benevolent man. We love each other, youd understand that. Your breath caught as the Prince closed his eyes, his body becoming still. You feel a great deal of happiness as the Prince says those few words. You then feel sadness and regret when you realize it would be better for you if your father was dead. I was afraid I might not hear from you, so forgive me for being skeptical you say. The Prince turns around and slowly walks off. You wait for him to make a decision, but he doesnt. Eventually, he turns around to face you once more, before walking off once more. Well, I guess I shouldnt have been suspicious; your words were reassuring. And Ill be sure to keep him in my thoughts, you say to yourself.

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