'Succession' Brian Cox Says Russian Celebs Must Stand Up To Putin Over Ukraine

Brian Cox says Russian actors and entertainers should absolutely stand up to strongman Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine war … even if they risk their careers by speaking out.

We got the “Succession” star Tuesday at LAX and asked if it is really worth it for celebrities in Mother Russia to support Ukraine over Putin.

Brian says there are definite pitfalls … he says folks in Russia could be convicted of treason if they go against Putin … but with so much at stake, he says it’s a necessary gamble.

Remember … Brian first brought up the pickle many Russians find themselves in during the SAG Awards, when he said it’s a shame Russian celebs are being muzzled by Putin.

It’s hard to fault anyone for being apprehensive about crossing Putin … but Brian says he would absolutely speak out, hypothetically, though he admits it would be easier given his age and already long career.

While Brian is clearly not a Putin fan, he says there’s lots for world leaders to learn from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who was a comic before becoming a statesman … and tells us if he thinks the United States is ready for another celebrity prez.

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