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You leaveYou head out the door with your heart pounding fast against you and your feet making a lot of noise. The red roses and the English-German dictionary in each pocket of your raincoat as you hurry down the hall. You take a look and see that you are in front of the door to the garden and behind the door to the kitchen. As you open the door you see another table with a beautiful bouquet of roses and an English-German dictionary on it. Your eyes are drawn to their beauty and you find yourself saying to yourself, I want to marryThe words pour out of your mouth like rain. Then the door bursts open and youre on your way. After walking all around the garden of red roses, you come to the door of the garden. You take a quick look at the red roses and turn to the door. You take your umbrella and leave the garden. You have made your decision and are going to get married. You leave the house and get in your car. Suddenly you see a beautiful blond-haired girl. She is walking on the lawn and the roses are all around her. Her hair is in a neat bun and she is wearing a white dress. You shout so loudly that everyone hears. Are you going to marry, get married, get divorced, get a job, get married again, marry the sister of the girl youre with and go on. Then you wont meet the right woman and you will be unhappy. If you have to go home, Ill wait for you there. Youre a very lucky man, she says and then she walks away. You feel so lucky to have met her. You turn to your car and start the engine.

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