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Of course, that is the only example that comes to mind for me, and maybe its just because its the only one I can think ofI do know that many of the students here are probably just hoping to find work, but you are definitely putting yourself in an unfair situation if you take the job. Im not trying to tell you that this is a bad idea, Im just saying that you should go for your best option here. You go for the jobThe first thing you should do is not to be suckered into the jobs that are posted and make up your mind on something quickly on your own. If you just go by the job posters, they will probably all probably be unskilled or low wage jobs where youll probably have to work outside. When it comes down to it, you want to keep your options open as best as you can. That means youre going to have to do something that requires a little more skill. You can either go back to school and get a job that will really test your skills, or you could take up a hobby that you think will actually pay you well. You go back to schoolEven though youre not interested in doing any of the low-paying jobs right now, you could still find something that would be just as rewarding. It might be good to spend some extra time in the computer labs, so you could do that to get some practical experience under your belt before making a decision about the future. Of course, youre going to have to take some basic computer programming classes, which will probably take about a year off of your life, so you have plenty of time to decide what youll do. You start working at the library as a computer techIf you wanted to go to the computer lab as a job, then you could technically do that. The computer lab would be in the main library, since the other computer labs are only run by part-timers. And even those part-timers are usually only there half the time Since you havent really had any formal classes in IT, you arent sure if youd be able to do it and you dont want to go out and move around, so youll stick to the computer lab. The computer lab is usually pretty much empty even during the day, and you have a feeling that if you do get jobs that require a lot of technical skills, the computer lab wont be the center of attention where those jobs might be located. You do know that there are a lot of people, though, so maybe youd like to have a little social life there as well. You could head down to the librarys social room and chat up some people there. You might even be interested in someone who goes there, and even though youve.

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