Strictlys James Jordan in tense row with Shirley Ballas over Ukraine crisis

Strictly Come Dancing former pro dancer James Jordan entered into a tense back and forth on Twitter with head judge Shirley Ballas over claims that past and present Russian dancers haven't shown enough support for Ukraine, which is currently being invaded by Russia under President Vladimir Putin's orders.

Following 43 year old James's angry rant on what he perceived past colleagues to have done to help in the crisis, Shirley couldn't let his comments slide by, in a row that comes amid controversy over former dancer Kristina Rihanoff's comments about Russia and Ukraine.

While the ballroom star regularly posts controversial comments and opinion on his social media pages, claims that some Russian dancers have chosen "self-promotion" over open support for the Ukrainian people didn't sit well with Shirley, 61.

Angry at not spying enough condemnation of Russia's decision to invade its neighbouring country, James wrote: "I don’t see many of the Russian dancers I know and have even shared the Strictly dance floor with them openly speaking out about the war against Ukraine.

“But are still promoting themselves on social media – very disappointed. They know who they are – not one post about it," he claimed.

"If they are too scared to speak out against wrong then stay the f*** off social media for a while and stop with the self-promotion during this horrific time. Have some respect. Or… maybe they are not speaking out because they are brainwashed too," the star added boldly.

Strongly disagreeing with her fellow dancer's comments and determined to support her colleagues on the BBC One competition, Queen of Latin Shirley tweeted back: "Dear James, not sure who you follow and who follows you.

“Many dancers I know have retweeted in support of Ukraine and have felt shame at their own government. Lots of help for their fellow dancers Lots have spoken out and retweeted.”

The TV dance judge went on to say she thinks the current events are "heartbreaking," but insisted the support in the community has been "overwhelming".

"Sadness, tears, massive help and support," she said. "I don’t know anyone who has not reached out from the very top dancers to the beginners. Xxx hugs.”

Dancing On Ice winner James proceeded to remind Shirley she herself had urged dancers to pause any self-promotion only a day earlier.

The judge had begged dancers to "show respect" for the Ukrainian people and James insisted his own comments were nothing more extreme, as he pointed out: "Why post this yesterday then? A similar sentiment to me."

Fans were divided as many agreed with James's tweets, but others insisted there could be more serious reasons the Russian dancers have avoided speaking out against their home country.

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Despite him trying to justify his comments, James divided opinion with his thoughts with some saying he was being "ignorant" and "thoughtless".

"What an ignorant, thoughtless comment," one person wrote. "They probably have family in Russia that could suffer the consequences of anything they say. Think before you type.”

While another follower offered: "Normally I don't agree with what James says but this time he has a very good point. These Russian dancers should show support for the victims in Ukraine instead of promoting themselves on social media.

"The people in this unnecessary war need as much support as possible no matter how they get it !!!!" they added.

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