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The story goes that at the age of 5, you were standing outside the bus that you and your brother rode to school together. Hey, lets go inside Your mom asks. You turned to look at your brother and he turned back to her. We can only go into the house. The next day, your mom took you inside. You go into the BusYou climbed down the bus steps and went inside. You go into a bathroomYou looked around. There were only a few doors in the bus. There you said, Well go to a room and see what we find. You went into the bathroom, and saw a table. On the table was a large poster of a bald man holding something in one hand and a shotgun in the other. The next day, you were back in school. You still hadnt heard the news on the street, but you had heard about what the poster said, and what the bus driver said, back at the bus stop. The driver at the bus stop said the same thing, and he was a little louder about it, and seemed to assume everyone knew what he was talking about. You drive right past him, or stop somewhere and wait for him to come around. And you did just that, waiting for him to come around. He took several more pictures of you. And then, he pulled over as far as he could, and sat in the drivers seat. If you read between the lines of the newspaper thats coming in the mail, I didnt kill the bus driver. He got back over to the bus, leaned back in the seat, and looked at you again. He drove the bus along its route until sunset the next day. Then, he pulled out of the parking lot, and didnt come back until the morning. By the time he arrived in his usual spot, the driver.

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