‘Still the weekend!’ Steph McGovern shares daughters ‘attempt’ at stopping her drinking

Steph's Packed Lunch announces a 'day off' for Paralympics

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Steph McGovern, 39, revealed her two-year-old daughter tried to deter her from drinking wine on Sunday evening. The TV presenter was having a “hair of the dog” after a heavy session at the football the day before.

Feeling worse for wear, Steph poured herself a glass of red wine, but her daughter was less than impressed.

Via her Instagram story, the host shared a snap of her glass to her 76,000 followers and revealed her daughter had put a toy digger inside.

Steph captioned the post: “My daughter’s attempt to stop me having a ‘hair of the dog’.”

She also posted the photo on Twitter and users took to the comments, with many finding the scenario hysterical.

TV presenter Matt Allwright teased: “She should know by now that mixers are only for spirits!”

Sarah said: “I assume like every good parent you licked it clean, returned it to her and finished the wine.”

Janice wrote: “Just thinking of you getting up for work tomorrow.” To which Steph replied: “Janice…it’s still the weekend. No work chat allowed!”

A user called @DrinkCoach even got in touch and praised Steph’s daughter for the innovative idea. They joked: “What a creative way to get you to cut down on your drinking, we may use this idea for one of our weekly tips.”

Steph welcomed her little girl in November 2019 with her partner, who was a friend for many years before their relationship became romantic, and whose identity she chooses to keep out of the spotlight.

Speaking on Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast last year, Steph explained that they hadn’t been together for very long before they decided to have a baby.

She said: “Me and my partner got together, and we had been friends for a long, long time before we got together…she was like, ‘Shall we just go for it?’

“We hadn’t even been together that long. I was like, ‘Do you reckon?’ And she was like, ‘What’s stopping us?’ We decided we would have a baby.”

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Giovanna asked whether it was difficult to decide who would carry the child.

Steph replied: “No, no, it was always going to be me.

“In fact, it’s funny because that was the bit I didn’t want to do. I thought, ‘Ah I’m actually not fussed about being pregnant’.

“Then when I was, apart from the morning sickness, that was horrendous. I still can’t look at the Co-Op logo because I once threw up in the vegetable aisle.”

It comes after Steph revealed her relationship rule that helps the couple deal with disagreements.

Chatting to Yours magazine last month, she confessed: “If we’re miffed about something, we have 24 hours in which to voice it.

“It means we have some cracking rows, but we solve things fairly quickly.

“It might be over something small – like the dishwasher – but that’s the reason why you’ve got 24 hours to make your point.”

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