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I think I even like it better than the movie, if I have any say in the matter There is a lot a lot of sex scenes and drugs. In fact, its the same scene, so Im not surprised that people love the film so much, The film is not a romantic comedy. In some ways it reminded me of the first movie I saw with my older brother when I was little. The movie has a couple of different endings, but its mostly a slow burn in the dark woods. You dont even get your happy ending until the last few days of the movie. As for the song itself, well, its not a great song. It has a bit of a slow start, and it can also be a bit annoying at times. However, it adds a nice little touch to the movie. But, the real reason why I like the movie is because of the soundtrack. The music is so dark and depressing, and Im just glad Ive finally got enough music that gets me into the mood of the comic. The film is not very good at all in terms of music. Im sure there are songs that might work better for certain scenes, but Im just not hearing it. The movie also is more serious than the comic, in a good way, which makes me enjoy it even more. The film is dark, and sad, and it gives the characters a sense of sadness and a sense of reality that they never really had before. It gives the audience a sense of sadness, even if were all in a film about partying. Im not quite sure what else is different, but Ive heard the plot is much different, which I didnt really enjoy in the comic. Either way, good luck to you all in your endeavors of being a film maker. And once again, thanks for having me here.

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