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Ve gotta do what you gotta do. You head off to the college, which is located in a slightly run down area. S a few other college kids there studying as well, you see a few you know from school too. All of them are there studying and one of them notices you approaching them. Oh, just coming to see if I can get a job here. Re a pretty girl with nice natural hair, I thought you might have a shot. M just a student here and I just want to get a job and get out of here. Re going to kick me out of the house. S probably going to have to support you too. Okay then, you can go ahead and head over to the computer room, you can just use this code that I gave you. T forget your coat as it getting pretty chilly out here. Re just here to see if there is a job, you head over to the computer room where John is waiting for you. You make your way over to the computer lab area where there are rows of PCs all plugged in to some sort of power source. John is currently in a cubby next to a large PC monitor displaying a large monitor that has many programs running on it. T get everyone in this college to use computers, but in this case, I was able to get a few to get involved. S pretty exciting being able to access this much information all at once. I can even see this one being a video game addict.

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