Stacey Solomon fans emotional over her heartbreaking tribute in new book

Stacey Solomon has announced her new book, but a heartbreaking tribute in it has left fans emotional.

The Sort Your Life Out star and close friend of cleaning super star Mrs Hinch, shared that she has been documenting her time transforming the home she shares with her children and husband-to-be Joe Swash, named Pickle Cottage.

Pickle Cottage has had plenty of work put into it with the family having only recently completed the garden.

In the book, 32 year old Stacey shared that she was dedicating the book to her family, but also to her beloved dogs.

The tribute that left fans weeping was the special mention to her dog Theo, who died at Christmas.

The dedication reads: "To the Pickles, Zachary, Leighton, Rex and Rose and to our fur babies, Peanut and Teddy. And to my extended Instagram family, thank you for being alongside me on one of the most magical journeys."

Turning to thank the much-missed family member, Stacey continued: "To Theo – we miss you. Pickle Cottage is not the same without you. Thank you for the best thirteen years."

Fan comments flooded in with Adam Frisby commenting: "Ahhh you should be so proud! I’m actually in awe of what you do in your house… especially when I can’t even manage put a picture on a wall. Well done Stace.

Another added: "Ahhh you should be so so proud of yourself, as we all are of you. It’s been wonderful to watch and will continue to be so.. your just amazing and love u lots."

The emotional message to Theo clearly touched her fans, with one writing: "You are amazing ! The end broke me over Theo .x"

Another of Stacey's followers added: "I'm not crying. you should be so bloody proud of yourself and scream that from the rooftops! You've done incredible things and bringing us along for the ride is just appreciated!! Congratulations on everything- I bet Theo is smiling down on you."

A fan wrote: "the Theo bit at the end I’m sobbing."

Telling her fans about the book on social media, mum-of-four Stacey penned: " I definitely don’t tell myself often enough, how proud I am of all of the love and hard work I’ve put into Pickle Cottage.

"Not a day has gone by for the last year I haven’t worked my little bum off doing whatever I could to make this special house our home.

"Watching all of these videos back I’ve never felt so empowered – this whole process has made me feel like I can do anything. I am so grateful that we had this chance and I’ll never take it for granted.

"All I ever wanted to do is pour love into our home and bring it back to life. We aren’t fully finished yet, these things take time and hard work but I’m so so proud of how far it’s come along. I’ve loved every single second of it.

"Cheesy as it sounds I’ve learned so much along the way and things I wished I’d know before I started, but most importantly doing as much as I could myself has given me the most strong sense of self & made me feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

"SO I’ve documented EVERYTHING. Written every little moment down and all of the things I’ve learned so far so that I can share those feelings.

"For anyone who has ever not felt confident enough to go for it themselves, to anyone who doesn’t know where to start and to everyone who deserves to feel like they can do anything the put their mind to too!"

Close friend Mrs Hinch made sure to show her support, commenting via social media: "Crying. We couldn’t be more proud of you Stace.

"Every time I step foot into Pickle Cottage its full (of not just amazing crafts) but so much love and happiness. I’ve ordered my copy! Love you xx"

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