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Louis has been a national hub of community and pride for the past 90 years. Louis has a long history of progressive and innovative ideas. We are proud to be Missouris Gateway City, the Home of the Blues, one of the countrys most innovative cities and a model for economic and social change. We invite you to join us for this special holiday season. Louis Department of Cultural Affairs and Special EventsCultural Affairs and Special EventsDepartmentSt. Louis has a rich and culturally diverse African-American cultural heritage and a long tradition of social, economic and political activism in support of and in opposition to racism, racial discrimination, and segregation. It is the third most populous city in the state of Missouri and, as of 2010, the second most populous in the United States. The city ranks first in the nation in terms of black male population, with a black male population of more than half of the total population. Louis residents, businessmen, musicians, intellectuals, artists, politicians, and educators have played a role in the shaping of the citys cultural identity. In fact, more than 100 cultural institutions and cultural organizations are based in St. Louis metropolitan area, and more than 60 percent of St. Louis residents claim their origins in another African-American community. Louis celebrated its 150th anniversary to be the largest city in the United States to enjoy the benefits of the franchise of self-government, electing its first African-American mayor in 1855. The citys black population has been large, but has declined in recent years due to the migration of blacks to Texas, California, Arkansas, and other other states. A large proportion of the black population has left the city to settle and work elsewhere in the state and country. A number of influential African-American leaders and organizations have led the fight for equality and civil rights in the United States. Many of the black community leaders, such as Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad, were members of the Nation of Islam and the African Methodist Episcopal Church. In the 1960s, the integration of the citys buses and streetcars was one of the most important civil rights accomplishments. A number of public accommodations in the city were integrated, including four city-owned bus stops. While the buses were first integrated on Febru, this was only the beginning, for the system was integrated over the next 10 years, in phases, on a trial basis, with the last phase of integration taking place in August 1971. The program brought together black and white bus passengers.

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