Spyashaya krasavitsa, is a ballet in a prologue and three acts, first performed …

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A, 40B, ;, K;, You accept the offerWell, you certainly cant argue with the money thats sure to flood into your coffers, but the question is, are you going to be able to afford it. You cant be sure, but its possible with the funds you have, you could just go back to selling drugs. Its a dangerous life to live, but if you want to get your life back on track, you might as well do it now. You look to your right, where you see a large, wooden sign which reads The Golden Nugget The sign is about the same height as you and it says The Nugget in gold block letters right next to the door. You step outside, closing the wooden door again. You look for a place to liveYour legs are tired, and so are your arms and you cant even move your head. You start walking and slowly, you make your way down the street. You know nothing in the city has anything like a place for you. There are only old boarded up building that might as well be walls. You walk down the block, and see an old boarded up building where two people are seated on a corner near the end. You have seen this person sitting before, and they always look out at the city. You can never remember who it was or where they were from. You only know that they seemed to know you when you were a person of no importance to them. The old man in the corner has a cane and it is a miracle that hes able to keep himself upright. He must be nearing 90 years of age. His name is Alina and she was his wife for over twenty five years. She was born in Russia, but her parents died there. She came to America in search of new opportunities to better her life. The other woman sitting beside her mother has only just a few years left to her. She looks like she can barely stand, and it would appear your two could not have been more different, but then they would appear to be.

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