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You buy lots of productsYou feel you deserve this. Ulta needs to be taken down a peg, and the Ulta brand needs to be banished into the realm of the dead. You pull your cart closer to the store entrance as you walk toward the counter. Gimme a moment pleaseYou hear as you open your eyes. Youre sitting at a desk in a white chair in the front of the store, wearing a white blouse, black skirt and white pumps. Your hair is down, and youve got a red bandana over your mouth. You ask as your gaze travels up to your hair. The Ulta girl at the counter looks at you, and you notice her face is just as red as yours. You start to say, then you think better of it. You finish up your statement as you try to get up. I know the store has been having a lot of issues lately, but I was just trying to make it on time. I understand that my work load at times can cause that to be a problem, but its just not fair to all my employees that arent as. You cant believe how rude you are, and you cant take it anymore. You leave the girls face without another word. You grab your bag and begin to head out of the store. You hear the two girls behind the counter laugh at your expense. You know theyll probably start accusing you of stealing something, but that wont matter to you. You walk away to head to the next store over. When you arrive at the next store, you find a sign saying, The Ulta has closed yet you feel almost like you can always see Ulta at the back of the store. You dont feel like you miss the store, but it does still feel like youre walking home, which makes you feel a little better about yourself. As you walk toward the next store, you hear the voice of a man ask, Hey, whos with me. You turn and see a little girl sitting at an old.

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