Spring Break Partiers in Miami Beach Go Wild Violating Curfew

Try telling a bunch of Spring breakers they have to pack it in by 8 PM … it doesn’t work.

Huge crowds of partygoers filled the streets after curfew … oblivious to or contemptuous of Mayor Dan Gelber, who tried putting the brakes on celebrations out of fear it would become a breeding ground for COVID.

The video tells the story … it could be March 2019 from all appearances, because the crowd was wild.

The logic behind the curfew — people drink as the evening wears on and getting increasingly unsafe.

The good news and the bad. First, the bad … COVID cases in Florida have now topped 2 million. The good news … despite the warnings that opening Florida too early would result in disaster, it hasn’t materialized so far, and in fact, the state is doing better than states like New York and California which have much more rigid COVID restrictions.

Cops arrested at least a dozen partygoers for violating curfew and other misdeeds.

The curfew is in effect for 72 hours, but if Saturday night is any barometer of what’s to come … good luck.

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