Spring beauty flower

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From this description, Claytonia virginica, is probably Claytonia virginica7. From this description, Claytonia virginica, is probably Claytonia virginica. You take the sample and place it in a jarYou carefully pull the sample from the earth and place it in a plastic container. You can safely put it into the freezer, as it is not yet time to test the flower. The sun is still out and there is nothing to contaminate it. You are confident in your work and you think you will continue your work. You leave the little box at the end of the hill and you head back to find your family. You get to your parents house just in time for lunch, which you feel is a little later than expected since you had planned to get back and work on the flower today, but you cant go back so soon. You have a few hours and a little practice time on the lawn before dinner. If you can work on your flower in peace, well that is what you want most. At dinner time, you are feeling much more relaxed. When dinner is served, you feel you need to take the time to find your family. You need to get their attention before they start to eat, but you will take the chance. You have to be prepared to handle a small child that might act up. So you find them as quickly as you can, as you feel very nervous about it. You quickly find your parents waiting for you and the two of you head to your room to go over your work. Your father is a little skeptical, but is convinced when you point out the work you have done. So are you really going to do what I expect of you. His voice is very serious, but also very soft and he starts to smile.

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