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If I only have 1 day to do this, how do I know its not going to have an effect on my skin. The product simply cant work its magic as it does with other products. It needs to be applied every night to the skin for at least 4-5 hours. This allows time for your skin to absorb it fully and then continue to do so until you are done. I know its not the whole story, since youre probably not a dermatologist, but I hope its enough to give you some of the information youll need, because its pretty difficult to find the right product for your skin. Do you have any questions or anything about it that might be new. Do you have any products that I should know about. Im sure I could find some products for you, but Im certainly open to new ideas, if you have anything that could help you out, -Jackson 3Update: The original post is down, but heres the updated list. This is a good starting point for you, its definitely not a miracle cure, but as long as youre on it, maybe your skin will start peaking out. I dont see any reason why it cannot heal itself. A lot of times, what the skin needs is more time and the application of right products. Im not a doctor, but to those of you with more severe skin problems, Id recommend not using this product for too long. Use it once and dont use it again for a few days before seeing how it feels. Your skin might look different, but remember it will grow back. If youve got acne, Id suggest using a stronger acne medication. Skincare products will help your skin, the acne medication is there to fight off the bad bacteria and prevent it from causing problems, and when your skin is in a healthy state, your acne medication will start affecting the bad bacteria and not be needed anymore. AdvertisementsImage copyright Getty Images Image caption The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has insisted there has been no increase in hate crime since the new Mayor took officePolice in the UK have recorded the highest number of hate crimes since the 1970s. The National Police Chiefs Council, NPCC, recorded 473 hate crimes over the three-month period, compared.

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