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T a way to get out of the question part. You spend a few moments pondering your situation before speaking up. You ask the dwarf and follow his lead through the shop. S a small room with a few tables and a few chairs. After you knock on the door the dwarf opens the door and leads you to a nearby table. He sits next to the table while you sit at the table before giving you a stern look. T just rob a store with no money right. M just looking for one thing in particular. I thought he was one of those weird magical people or some shit. Maybe he works in the factory where the town gets manufactured or something. S just a simple man that goes about his day, but he can buy and sell things. M sure you do too with Rook. Well what am I supposed to do to make him happy. Re obviously not from this town, but maybe I can help you. I know a few people who know the Rook family.

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